UnTie Me: The Documentary

Imagine the happiest and nicest businessman you’ve ever met who comes from a humble background and is a self-made success. Oh, he is also a quadriplegic.


UnTie Me

Determined to make the most out of life Michael Warkentin has set out to take as many "trips of a lifetime" as possible, not only to experience the world for himself but to show others what's possible. "Sitting on a wheelchair" has not slowed him down.

“My message to you is, do not wait to follow your heart’s desires. Life is short and if you do not get what you need, it is your own fault. Spend time envisioning what you really want out of life. Concentrate on every detail of the life you desire and figure out what steps are needed to reach those goals.” ~ Michael Warkentin

Come along with him on his latest trip to not only experience some iconic spots in Europe, but to pick up on his unique perspective that allows him to overcome major obstacles, while squeezing the most out of life, see what happiness looks like and possibly pick up some magic along the way.



Untie Me candidly explores the devastating fall and fascinating rise of Michael Warkentin, he has unflinchingly defied physical constraints to ascend a ladder of success...


About Michael

Fun-loving, happy, thrill-seeking Michael woke up to a new reality after enduring a tragic accident. At age 22, Michael fell off an escalator, 3 stories high, dying at the impact...


Director's Statement

We would never have enough of these true-life triumphs of the spirit stories: I met Michael Warkentin on the evening of July 1st, 2019. I was returning from a photoshoot...


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